2021 eCommerce CX Essentials | A MaestroQA Whitepaper

Industry Report: eCommerce CX Essentials

How to create customer experiences that set your brand apart

eCommerce’s meteoric rise in 2020 has left some CX teams struggling to catch up.

We analyzed over 265,000 eCommerce support tickets to identify the real relationship between CSAT and CX quality, the top agent skills that build customer loyalty, and more.

Also in this Guide:

Informed by Real CX Datasets
We dug through support data from 80 different eCommerce companies and over a quarter of a million tickets to provide you with the insights to supercharge your CX in 2021.

Actionable Strategies
We've included a handy checklist of actions that CX leaders can apply to their own eCommerce CX teams.

Insights From Other Top Ecommerce Teams
CX tactics we’ve observed from other top-performing eCommerce brands.