[Workshop] How to De-Escalate and De-Stress when Dealing with Difficult Customers

MaestroQA and Aircall teamed up with Evolution Executive Coach, Courtney Orsinelli, to host a workshop focusing on how to de-escalate and de-stress when dealing with angry customers. Missed this one? Fill out the form to get access to the presentation.

We know challenging customers can take a toll on your well-being. What if you felt like you knew the key steps to deescalate even the most irate customers? What if you could easily let it go when you get off the phone with someone, and you could show your team how to do that, too? Get access to this presentation and share it with your team.

In this presentation, Evolution Executive Coach Courtney Orsinelli walks you through how to:

    • Discover your body’s natural reaction to triggers and how to manage them in a healthy way
    • Identify when tensions with a customer are on the rise and begin to smooth things out early on
    • Prioritize healthy boundaries and self-care