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In this workshop, you’ll work with Evolution Executive Coach Courtney Orsinelli to:

  • Discover a coaching style that drives performance

  • Learn powerful strategies for high-impact coaching conversations

  • Learn how to create a culture of growth with a comprehensive plan

About Courtney Orsinelli

Courtney is a trusted coach, advisor, and team accelerator supporting leaders building world-enriching companies. Sourcing from her evolution as a startup founder, operations executive, consultant, and investor, she brings a broad perspective, authenticity, and practical insight. She was worked with Pinterest, Disney, Dropbox, Credit Karma, Microsoft, Glassdoor, Hazel Health, Swift Medical, Skillshare, Bandcamp, and TechStars, among others.

About George Stewart

George is a Senior Customer Success Manager for MaestroQA’s Strategic Customers. She advises on quality and coaching best practices as well as architecting complex workflows. Originally from New Zealand, she is based in Texas and resides in the DFW area.

About Larrita Browning

Larrita is the Head of Digital Marketing at MaestroQA. With over 12 years in the digital marketing ecosystem, she is passionate about creating engaging and creative content and enjoys learning about new technology that makes our digital lives easier.