During the event, gain exclusive insights into how Brooklinen leverages MaestroQA to:

  • Streamline coaching and reinforcement on specific topics or changes within the business
  • Track the effectiveness of training and knowledge initiatives, ensuring accurate application of new processes or policies
  • Collaborate seamlessly with other teams to address rapid changes in business needs
  • Evaluate the impact of process and policy changes through meticulous root cause analysis and comprehensive metrics

About Corinne McClure

Corinne McClure is the Senior Associate of CX Quality Assurance at Brooklinen and focuses on leveraging QA as an avenue for agent growth, internal process and knowledge development, and overall optimization of customer experiences. A Seattle-area native, she previously worked at the UW Medicine Contact Center and has been with Brooklinen since relocating to NYC nearly three and a half years ago.

About Haley Fortune

Haley is the Marketing Campaign Coordinator at MaestroQA where she spearheads the new Product Webinar series. MaestroQA offers modern QA software that helps support teams identify and automate agent coaching opportunities to empower their team and optimize customer experience.

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