MaestroQA - QA for Call Centers | Boost CSAT, Improve Agent Retention

In this workshop, you’ll work with Evolution Executive Coach, Courtney Orsinelli to:

  • Connect with other customer services professionals to share stories, struggles, and triumphs

  • Discover best practices for training agents to use empathy

  • Help agents quickly identify issues so that they smooth things out early on

About Courtney 

Courtney is a coach, advisor, and team facilitator supporting leaders building world-enriching companies, including Pinterest, Skillshare, Credit Karma, and Bandcamp. Courtney helped shape some of the most iconic brands in wellness, including Wanderlust Yoga and Cafe Gratitude, as an operational executive. In her advisory work, she has partnered with over 100 startups and established companies from seed-level to Fortune 100.