During this compelling webinar, you'll discover how Rent the Runway and MaestroQA achieved:

  • Empowering Agents: Through flexible scorecards, agents were liberated to think creatively and connect with customers on a deeper level, far beyond transactional interactions.
  • Enhancing Customer Satisfaction: By focusing on empathy and innovative problem-solving, the team was able to drastically improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, positioning them as pioneers in customer experience.
  • Facilitating a Cultural Shift: The collaboration between Rent the Runway and MaestroQA created a ripple effect, inspiring a company-wide culture focused on understanding, compassion, and agile responsiveness.
  • Leveraging Advanced QA Tools: The utilization of MaestroQA's advanced engine for scorecards provided the necessary flexibility to adapt and thrive in today's demanding customer service landscape.

About Michael Haefner

Michael has been working in Customer Experience at Rent the Runway for over four years after previously working in the retail and legal fields. In his time at Rent the Runway, Michael has been an agent and team lead before stepping into the role of Manager, Quality Development in early 2023.

About Haley Fortune

Haley is the Content Marketing Manager at MaestroQA where she spearheads the new Product Webinar series. MaestroQA offers modern QA software that helps support teams identify and automate agent coaching opportunities to empower their team and optimize customer experience.

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