Equip your support team with the expertise to:

  • Sharpen active listening for constructive dialogues

  • Manage emotional responses with tact and assurance

  • Catch and correct specific behaviors causing dissatisfaction with DSAT analysis

  • Utilize language that resonates, reassures, and renews trust

About Coach Norian Caporale-Berkowitz

Norian Caporale-Berkowitz guides executives and their teams as they navigate

the inner game of leadership: relationships, identity, boundaries, crucial

conversations, emotional management, feedback, and more. He believes inner

work (introspection) is a powerful catalyst for outer work (leadership). Norian

works with organizations from Silicon Valley to academia, including

LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Skillshare, Adobe, Iterable, Firstbase, and Relay

Graduate School of Education leaders.

About David Gunn

David Gunn is a Customer Success Manager for MaestroQA’s Strategic Customers. He advises on quality, coaching best practices, and architecting complex workflows. 

About Larrita Browning

Larrita is the Head of Digital Marketing at MaestroQA. With over 12 years in the digital marketing ecosystem, she is passionate about creating engaging and creative content and enjoys learning about new technology that makes our digital lives easier.

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