In this on-demand webinar you’ll learn how MaestroQA can help your team:

  • Audit the quality and effectiveness of your BPO’s customer support interactions with Screen Capture intelligence
  • Leverage QA team calibration to drive QA consistency and alignment between teams
  • Ensure the accuracy and reliability of your BPO’s QA scores with the Grader QA workflow
  • Measure the performance and quality of your BPO partners - identify QA score trends, SLA breaches, performance opportunities, AHT trends, etc.

About Haley Fortune

Haley is the Marketing Campaign Coordinator at MaestroQA where she spearheads the new Product Webinar series. MaestroQA offers modern QA software that helps support teams identify and automate agent coaching opportunities to empower their team and optimize customer experience.

About Robby Dunigan

Robby is a Senior Implementations Manager at MaestroQA where he leads on-boardings and supports transformational projects for existing customers. He has experience with working with quality programs owners overseeing anywhere between 15 and 20,000 support agents.